About Me

T.C. Conroy is a powerful coach, empath, spiritualist and occultist known for transforming the lives of her clients. She has an innate talent for quickly identifying self-sabotaging thought patterns and behaviors, untangling impediments and upgrading mental and emotional operating systems, ultimately leading those she works with toward happiness, fulfillment and success.

She began her career in the entertainment industry at 17 years old, and quickly became accustomed to handling the fragile egos of rock stars. Once Napster and the Internet started transforming the music industry, T.C. realized her passion was to lead others on a path of reinvention, away from their less-productive behavioral patterns and belief systems and toward self mastery and their true spiritual power and purpose.

Always on the cutting edge, Conroy left the entertainment biz and set out on a three-year CoachU training program while establishing her life coaching business, West Coast Coaching, in early 2000. Ever since, T.C. has helped thousands of creatives, executives, artists and entrepreneurs set off on the path of identifying and living their authentic life purpose.

To say T.C. “gets” the inner workings of the creative mind is a major understatement. Her experience in dealing with artists has empowered her with an understanding of the intricacies of the creative mind, the vulnerabilities involved in the creative process, and what it means to be a sensitive outsider working to thrive in the sometimes brutal business of the arts.

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