Conjuring Candles FAQs

How are the Candles made?

Every Candle is intentionally crafted using only the purest, high vibration, white light magick, hand-poured precisely during the most astrologically auspicious times of the year. From inception to completion, each ingredient and intention has been energetically purified, consecrated, infused, and aligned to assure you the greatest outcome for your magickal petition. The Candles are unscented. If your Candle feels wet, that’s because it’s been “dressed” – this is part of the spell.

Can I just set the Candle in my home as decoration? It’s so pretty!

This Candle is a powerful magickal device; it is not scented to make your room smell nice, and it’s not meant to languish on your coffee table looking pretty. This is a very specific working spell Candle, 100% ready to assist you in drawing down your most magnificent desires.

Is there a particular date or time I should light my Candle?

Prosperity Candles are lit under a waxing Moon. This is the phase between the New Moon and the Full Moon (easily found online). When the Moon is waxing, life energy is amplified. When the Moon is waning, life energy is decreased. Since you are calling in prosperity with this spell, the Candle must only be lit during the waxing Moon. For maximum results do your spell work on a Thursday. Thursday is Jupiter’s day, and Jupiter is the planet of abundance and expansion.

Do I need to be alone to do Candle Magick?

You do not. However, be sure to place your Candle on a non-flammable surface clear of drafts, children, and pets.

What can I use to light the Candle?

Do not use a match to light your Candle. Matches on an altar are a definite no-go; the tips are sulfur and phosphorus elements, often used in destructive magick (think brimstone). Use a lighter to light a small “starter” candle (perhaps a birthday candle). Light your starter candle in another room and walk it to your altar to light the Candle you have placed there.

What if my Candle won’t light or goes out or smokes?

If your candlewick refuses to stay lit it may be an indicator that the magick is weak and you should try at another time. Don’t force your magick. You want alignment and flow.

Can I blow the Candle out and come back to it?

As with all intentional Candle Magick, it is best to let your Candle burn all the way through. However, if this is not possible and you have to pause your spell work, never BLOW your Candle out, as this breaks the magick and can extinguish your spell. Use a candle snuffer or pinch the wick between your wet fingers.

How long will it take for the Candle to burn out?

Because there’s a velocity to magick, each Conjuring Candle burns differently. Unlike industrial-produced candles, burn speed may greatly vary depending on size, anywhere from a few hours to a day. As with all intentional Candle Magick, it is best to allow your Candle to burn all the way down.

How should I dispose of the Candle and wax after burning?

To properly close out your spell, wrap all of the remaining wax and refuse into a brown paper bag and bury it into the earth for recycling.  If this is not an option for you, toss your wrapped remains into the trash with a blessing.

What if I have questions not answered here?

Send us an email:, or DM us on Instagram: @therealchildrenofthemoon.

Do you accept returns?



  1. Item received is not the item on the invoice.
  2. Item was damaged in shipping.

Report within 48 hours of delivery. Submit photographic proof of damage. If you are missing a product in your order, please let us know within 48 hours of delivery. Used Candles cannot be returned or refunded. Contact us at