Understand the deeper meaning of your life.

Using tarot and numerology to guide her intuitive process, T.C. will walk you through a compelling overview of the energetic frequencies you are working with during this lifetime.



Prior to your appointment, T.C. will send you an 11-page document outlining your soul’s wants, needs, and frequencies, the overall numerology for the year 2020 along with your personal number for the year 2020.

You will know exactly how to energetically align with your personal success.

You will also learn the tantric numerology for 7 major areas of your life and the two major arcana cards that serve as goalposts for your karmic journey.

In this Super Soul Session, T.C. will coach you through a customized 11-page life overview packed with the cosmic guidance you need to connect with your life purpose. Gain clarity around the direction of your divine destiny and understand what karmic contributions you’re meant to make during your time on the planet.

After participating in the SuperSoul session you will have a deeper knowledge of the following:

  • Who you are on a soul level
  • What you are here to master in this incarnation
  • The innate talent you came in with
  • The¬†Expertise¬†you have carried forward from past lives
  • The direction your Soul wants you to go
  • Your contribution to the world
  • Your personal strengths