Monday’s Full Moon in Virgo (think healing) marks the time when we are meant to separate the grain from the chaff so how does this translate in our modern lives? 

This Moon marks the time to take a solid inventory, raise your standards and to finally clear out the crap that no longer holds value. Give it back to the Universe for healing.

During the Virgo Super Moon, you may call on the energy of Hestia for inspiration. Drawdown her frequency for clarity and courage you can ask for the ability to see your life clearly and the courage to take swift action. Hestia is the Virgin Goddess of home and hearth she carries the frequency of the eternal flame 🔥 a practical priestess who teaches us the value of centeredness and intentional solitude. Don’t be afraid to slow down and go inside.

Learn to value consistency and the importance of daily ritual, treat your body as the temple that it is and build your spiritual practice until you have developed a foundation of quiet grace and strength. 🤍🌘🌗🌖🤍

May you be blessed by the dvine during the Virgo Full Moon. 

The Virgo Super Moon will take place this Monday, March 9th at 8:49 PM Pacific Standard Time


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